How Much Did Jeff Bezos Make?

. . .Huh?

This app calculates how much wealth Jeff Bezos theoretically amasses in the time it takes you to undertake various everyday activities and personal milestones. Why? Why not?!

Jeff Bezos laughing, as he makes million during your lunch break.

What Did You Do?

Phrase your activity as a gerund, and when necessary in the second person, e.g. ('making coffee', 'finishing your dissertation').

How long did it take you?

Let's see. . .

Sources & Disclaimer

The numbers are based on a Business Insider report published on Jan 9, 2019, which in turn was based on Bezos' difference in net worth between Oct 2017 through Oct 2018 according to the Forbes 400 list (1).

Bezos' wealth fluctuates with Amazon stock prices, and net worth is always subject to estimates. Additionally, as the stock market is so fond of saying, 'past gains are no gaurantee of future returns.' In other words, we can't be sure of this trajectory. However, it's hard to run these numbers and miss the point. Were these calculations being performed in the winter, spring or summer of 2018, they would be correct--a year in which Amazon paid around -1% in federal income tax.

1) Hoffower, Hillary. “We Did the Math to Calculate How Much Money Jeff Bezos Makes in a Year, Month, Week, Day, Hour, Minute, and Second.” Business Insider, Business Insider, 9 Jan. 2019,

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